How to Uninstall programs on Windows?

By Abby •  Updated: 09/24/19 •  3 min read

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There are multiple ways to uninstall programs on Windows 1o.

The fastest way to uninstall a program on Windows 10

The fasted way to remove any desktop app in Windows 10 is to go to the Start menu.

An alternative way to uninstall a program from Windows 10

You can also remove a program from Windows 10 with the following method. Some app/programs require the administrator’s permission for uninstalling the app. If that’s the case, then grant the permit and follow the onscreen instructions.

How to Uninstall a program on Windows 7?

Now the uninstallation process is complete.

Uninstall an app in safe mode

If you are struggling to uninstall an application on your computer, then the third-party interference could be the reason behind the problem. so booting your computer in Safe mode may help you.

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