How To Disable Adblock on Chrome

By | Last Updated on January 6, 2021

How to disable adblock on Chrome

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Chrome has it’s own built-in ad-blocker that blocks ads on sites that display invasive and misleading advertisements, but it does allow ads that follow specific protocols. However, if you don’t want Chrome to decide what ads to be shown and whatnot, you can go ahead and disable AdBlock on Chrome.

How To Disable AdBlock on Chrome?

  1. Click on the ( ⋮ ) icon at the top right corner of the app window.Click on the Three-dot icon
  2. Select “Settings” from the dropdown menu.Select Settings
  3. Scroll down to the Privacy and security section and click on Site Settings.
  4. Again, scroll down to the bottom and click on Additional content settings.
  5. Now, click on Ads.Select Ads
  6. Now, toggle on the Blocked on sites that show intrusive or misleading ads (recommended) option. It’s the opposite.Turn on the Toggle

How To Allow Ads on Specific Sites

If you don’t want to allow displaying all kinds of ads on all websites, you can enable ads on specific sites only by following these steps.

  1.  Visit the site where you want to allow ads to be displayed.
  2. Click on the 🔒 icon in front of the website.Click on the Lock Icon
  3. A popup menu will appear, select Site Settings.Click on Site settings
  4. Now, scroll down on the page and click on the dropdown menu alongside the Ads option.
  5. In the dropdown menu, select Allow.Select Allow

Now, all ads on the website will be displayed.

How To Disable Adblock on Chrome Android/iOS

  1. Tap on the ( ⋮ ) icon at the top right corner.
    Tap on Three-dot icon
  2. A dropdown menu will appear, select Settings.
    select settings
  3. Scroll down on the settings page and tap on Site settings.
    Choose site settings
  4. Now, select Ads from the options list.
    Tap on Ads
  5. Toggle on the Ads option. It will enable ads, in other words, disabling adblocker.
    Turn on the Toggle

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