How to Delete Your TextNow Account

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What is TextNow?

TextNow is a free text messaging app that allows you to send and receive messages, make calls or even use the internet. It is a phone service packaged within an app. You get a free phone number with which you can easily stay connected with friends and family.

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You can use TextNow on any device to get a free phone number and call and text anywhere in North America for free. You can call and text using Wi-Fi and save money on your phone bill with TextNow. It also provides you extra features like voicemail, group texting, and conference calls.

TextNow has apps available for Android devices as well as iOS. You can download it from Google Play Store or Apple App store onto your device of choice. It also has a premium subscription option that gives you more features and an ad-free experience.

Why you should delete your TextNow account

Even though TextNow has many users, it also has quite a few issues that you should not overlook. Let us take a look at some of these issues that might make you want to delete your account. If you want to remove the app from your device or just don’t like using this particular texting application anymore, here are some reasons you should consider ditching the platform.

Many users have criticized TextNow because of its poor customer service and lack of privacy options. Users have also stated that they didn’t receive proper help when they had issues regarding the service. This lack of assistance has caused paid customers to think that they choose poorly while opting to use TextNow over a regular phone service.

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And even though the service is free to use, the free version is riddled with ads. You will have to pay a premium subscription fee to get access to better features and have an ad-free experience.

Another thing users have complained about is the fact that their number gets terminated if they don’t use it on a regular basis. Some users have claimed that their account’s phone number got terminated after being inactive for about two weeks. If you do not use the service on a regular basis, then you will lose your current number due to inactivity.

Some users have also complained about the quality of service being unreliable. Users have also found the app itself to be buggy and unwieldy. This is the case with many other free services, so you shouldn’t be surprised if you don’t always get high-quality service on a free plan.

However, TextNow is not an entirely free application which may discourage you from keep using the app.

If you aren’t happy with paid features and wish to delete your TextNow account, this article is for you.

How to Delete Textnow Account

Unfortunately, you cannot delete your account with TextNow. The service provider does not offer an option to delete the account due to some technical reason unknown to us.

TextNow does not allow you to delete your account, but that does not mean you cannot delete it.

You can use alternative methods to delete and sign out of your TextNow account permanently.

Here is how you can do it by removing your personal information.

Step 1: Go to  using an internet browser and log in using your credentials.


Step 2: Choose settings in the shape of gear from the left sidebar on the dashboard.


Step 3: Click on “Settings”


Step 4: Click “Account” under the settings menu


Step 5: Change your personal information:

Enter “DELETE MY DATA” in your First Name and leave the Last Name empty.


Next, enter an email address ( in the email section, then click Save.

Step 6: Go to “Security and Login” from the sidebar.


Step 7: Click “Log out from all devices.”


Voila, this will remove your account from TextNow permanently.

Although you stop using the app, your personal information stays attached to the account. Hence, choosing to remove your personal information will prohibit someone from contacting you from the app permanently.

Alternative Method to Deactivating TextNow Account

There is an alternative to deactivating your TextNow account without changing your personal information.

The solution is to stop using it altogether!

Uninstall the application from your smartphone. Your TextNow account will become dormant within the next three days, and your number will be removed.

It will ensure that you do not receive any text or calls through the app and your number become inaccessible.

Here is a step-by-step guide to uninstall the app.

The app will be removed permanently.

Alternatively, you can visit Phone Settings to locate the app and remove it from there.

Does Deleting the App Cancel your Premium Membership?

No, deleting the app doesn’t cancel your premium membership, including International Call Credits, ad-free experience, or lock your number feature.

If you’re a premium user, you should cancel your paid membership before deleting the app.

Here is how to do it.

For Android

For iOS

On Website

Alternatively, you can unsubscribe from paid features through the TextNow app.

How about reactivating your account

If you need to reactive your account, you can reinstate the app and log in using the correct login credentials.

Be mindful because you cannot log in using the same credential once you have changed your personal information to delete the app.

In this case, you can register with TextNow using a new email address.

FAQs on deleting TextNow

Q : How do I cancel my subscription?

A : You can cancel your subscription through the Google PlayStore or the Apple AppStore.

Q : Does TextNow delete free accounts?

A : TextNow does not delete free accounts, but your number might get terminated when you don’t actively use it.

Q : What happens when I delete the app?

A : When you delete the app, all the data from the app gets wiped, but this will not delete your existing account or remove your premium subscription service.

Q : How do I cancel my subscription?

A : If you would like to cancel service after troubleshooting or speaking with a chat representative, head to your My Account page and click on Cancel Your Subscription.

Q : How do I get help with my questions?

A : Click on the chat icon on the bottom corner of the app during work hours, and one of their agents will be there to help you troubleshoot your issues.

Q : What will happen I cancel my service?

A : When you cancel, your service will be terminated, and no future service fees will be charged.

To Sum It Up

You may have found TextNow very useful before, but you do not share the same enthusiasm today.

It is best to delete your account and move to another more helpful app if that is so.

However, not having an option to delete your account isn’t much of a problem because the aforementioned methods will ensure that you safely opt-out of TextNow permanently.


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