How to delete your MyLife account?

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What is MyLife?

MyLife ( is an information brokerage company that gathers data about users from various sources on the internet. It gathers your personal information using your various profiles and public records online from multiple sources that have information about you. Your profile is automatically generated using all the information available about you on the internet on different websites and profiles.

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A public MyLife page about a user can contain different kinds of information about an individual such as their age, email addresses, phone numbers, education, employment details, residential addresses,  pictures, relatives, political beliefs, reputation score, background report, and much more.

MyLife claims to provide publicly available information in an aggregated format of more than 325 million people in the United States. It also allows anyone to search for any individual on their site that they have information about.

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Why you should think about deleting your MyLife account

Let us take a look at the controversial aspects of MyLife that might make you want to delete your account and remove your profile from the site.

Since its conception, MyLife has been a controversial website because it caters to providing other people’s personal information to anyone who asks for it. Many people have criticized the whole concept of the site because nobody ever wants their personal information exposed to strangers online. This concept of generating an individual’s profile containing their intimate personal details has even been described by many as encroachment of personal details, immoral, and even illegal.

In 2011, MyLife faced a class-action lawsuit alleging that it was involved in false advertising practices. The company was also allegedly  accused of fraudulent solicitation that urged its users to purchase their monthly membership plan but charged them at an annual rate.

Then again, in 2011, an investigation was carried out by Washington State Attorney General’s Office on the charges that the company might have been violating state laws, i.e., the Consumer Protection Act, which prohibits the practice of unfair and deceptive ads.

Again, in 2015, the company was sued for allegedly violating California state’s anti-spam laws. Investigations showed that the company was found to be tricking its customers into handing over their personal information and hard-earned money. The court made MyLife liable to $800,000 in fines and another $250,000 in refunds to its customers.

In July 2020, the US Department of Justice once again sued the company on behalf of the Federal Trade Commission, alleging that the company had violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act and used misleading billing and marketing practices. According to the lawsuit, the company was found deceiving the customers with false claims and misinformation.

What happens when you delete your MyLife account?

When you delete your MyLife account, you only delete your MyLife Public profile that is visible to other users o the site. But this doesn’t mean that all the information the company has aggregated about you is also deleted. All your personal information gathered on you using your public profiles, and related websites are still out there on such individual platforms.

Deleting your MyLife account will only remove your profile from MyLife permanently but not the information about you that is publicly out there on other sites. To remove all traces of information about yourself altogether, you will have to manually remove all personally identifiable information, which can be a pretty long and painstaking process.

How to delete your MyLife account?

You can choose to delete your account from Mylife to remove your profile from MyLife, and you can rest assured that you can do this for free. You will not have to pay the company any amount to remove the personal information about you.

You can have your profile removed or find out what information MyLife has about you by calling MyLife’s Customer Care representatives at this toll-free number 888-466-1066  on  the following time and dates:

You can also achieve the same thing by contacting them via email at And while you’re at it, you can opt out of the sale of your data through either of the above processes or by filling up the form at Do Not Sell My Personal Information. When you request them not to sell your personal information, they will also remove your profile from their site.

What happens when you unsubscribe/cancel your MyLife subscription?

When you unsubscribe or cancel your MyLife subscription, you will stop getting billed for the premium membership on the next payment cycle. And be warned that all subscriptions are non-refundable, and you will not get back your money after you have canceled your subscription.

You will still be billed for the full subscription service, but you will still have access to all paid features until the subscription lasts. This action will only prevent you from being charged on the next billing date and onwards if you do not wish to continue paying for your premium subscription.

You will also not be entitled to discounts of any sort on future subscriptions when you cancel early.

If you do not wish to renew your subscription, you must cancel it at least 24 hours before the renewal date. The same thing is valid if you have paid for the membership using your bank’s debit card, credit card, or another payment service like PayPal.

You might receive an email confirmation when your account has been successfully canceled.

How to unsubscribe/cancel your MyLife membership?

Please remember that canceling a subscription before its renewal date does not entitle you to a refund but only prevents the subscription from automatically renewing next time. But you can continue to use your canceled subscription until its expiry date.

Follow the guide below, depending on the device you are using to cancel or unsubscribe from your MyLife subscription.

Cancel MyLife subscription via email

You can also cancel your MyLife subscription by contacting the customer support team via email and requesting them to cancel your auto-renewing subscription. Follow the steps below to send a cancellation request:

Step 1:  Open your email client associated with your MyLife account

Step 2: Compose an email to MyLife customer support at

Step 3: Enter “REQUEST TO CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION” as the subject of the email

Step 4: Now, in the body of the email, request the support team to cancel your account’s subscription service permanently and stop the auto-renewal process. Be sure to include your identifying information like your email address, username, or phone number.

Step 5: Click on send after you are done writing your email

Depending on their user traffic, the Customer Service Representative may take some business days to get back to you. A confirmation email will be sent to you once they have gone ahead with the cancellation process.

Cancel MyLife subscription via phone call

Alternatively, you can cancel your subscription by calling their Customer Service directly. You can contact MyLife’s customer support representative by dialing (888) 704-1900 and telling the agent to cancel your subscription. Be sure to provide them your identifying information like your username, phone number, or email address associated with your account.

You can also request the representative to send you an email confirmation of when your subscription has been canceled. That way, you will know for sure whether auto-renewal is still active or not.

How to hide your public profile on MyLife?

If you want to remove your public MyLife profile from the website, you can delete your account after confirming your identity. Once you delete your account, your profile will be removed from the site. Then other users will not be able to see your personally identifiable information gathered using your public records and related websites.

And don’t worry because this process is entirely free of charge, and you won’t be forced to pay any amount of money to remove your profile. Once your account is deleted, you won’t show up in the search results when someone looks for you.

How to delete your credit card from your MyLife account? 

The method of removing your payment method or credit card from your MyLife account depends on how you signed up for the premium subscription in the first place.

If you paid for the subscription using your bank’s credit card, debit card, or a provider like PayPal, you could visit the payment method provider to cancel it manually.

If you are having issues with your card, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your bank. MyLife states that if you are having payment issues, you should contact your payment provider or your issuing bank for help.

How to stop receiving notifications from MyLife?

You might still get some promotional emails and newsletters even after deleting your account permanently. If you want to get rid of all email notifications, you can completely unsubscribe from all MyLife emails.

To do this, just go to your email’s inbox, find an email from MyLife, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Unsubscribe. This action will mute all future email notifications from MyLife from now on.

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