How To Delete Escape From Tarkov

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Escape from Tarkov is a first person shooting game developed by Battlestate Games and released for Windows. On August 4th 2016, they began their first closed beta test. The next closed beta test will be held in July 2017.

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You will be playing a game set in the fictional land of Norvinsk region. One day there is a war between two private military companies. The battle is between USEC vs BEAR. When it is possible, players must join raids and fight against other players and bots in order to obtain loot, and try to escape by dying. If a player dies while he is raiding, all the items that he has taken during that raid will be lost.

When people play Escape from Tarkov, they compare it with military simulation games (OR, military simulation movies) like the arma series. A player may make his own weapon by choosing various parts, such as the grip, stock, and scope. You will be able to equip your characters with various types of armor, armored vests, armored rigs, and ballistic helmets, depending on your skill level.

Players are able to control their characters’ movement speed and crouch height. In order to check how much ammunition still has been loaded in the gun, readers must check the magazine manually. There is no on-screen count, and no counter on-screen. The game also features a basic health system, in which each character’s limbs are equipped with hit points. When we experience injuries, we will need medical supplies and bandages to treat wounds, in order to avoid bleeding. It simulates the real action of ballistics, with features such as ricochets and bullet penetration.

How To Delete Escape From Tarkov

Scavenging items from containers and bodies takes time, this is because each item is shown to the player while he is searching for it. It is also necessary for them to monitor their energy and hydration levels during raids.

How can I delete the escape from Tarkov?

Your best way to uninstall Escape from Tarkov is to use the game’s official uninstall program. But there is some reason that the game does not appear in the Add or Remove Programs feature in Windows 10. As for Battlestate Games Launcher, you must find the folder where the program is installed and run the uninstall program.

  • Navigate to the Battlestate Games folder. It is in the C:\Battlestate Games\BsgLauncher folder.
  • If you installed to a directory that is different from where your other files are stored, go there instead of to that directory.
  • Check for uninstall programs for it (uninstall.exe or unins000.exe) and open it
  • Follow the instructions provided to remove Escape from Tarkov.

After doing these steps, all of the Escape from Tarkov game files on your computer will be removed. It is possible that some files, like installation folders or registry entries, will remain. When you remove the files, you will have to delete the Battlestate games folder and the game’s installation folder. So you should be careful that by doing that, you will remove any files that are in those directories, such as the configuration files and the backup copies.

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