How To Delete Contacts From Yahoo Mail

By Abby •  Updated: 06/04/20 •  2 min read
Delete Yahoo Mail contacts

Delete Yahoo Mail contacts

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It’s no exception that over time we have a pile of contacts, and there might be some old contacts you don’t need anymore. Deleting contacts from Yahoo Mail is a quick and easy process, and here’s how to do it. 

How to delete contacts from Yahoo Mail using a web browser

  1. Visit and login to your account.
    Sign in to Yahoo
  2. Click on the Contacts tab at the upper right corner of the page.
    Click on Contacts
  3. Click on the contact you want to delete.
    Click on the contact you want to delete
  4. Click on the three-dot icon at the upper right corner of the contact.
    Click on three-dot icon
  5. A dropdown menu appears, select Delete contact.
    Select Delete contact
  6. In the confirmation prompt, choose OK.
    Confirm Delete Contact

Note: You cannot delete multiple contacts from Yahoo Mail at once. You have to delete each contact individually.

How to remove contacts from Yahoo Mail on Mobile

  1. Launch the Yahoo Mail app on your phone.
  2. Tap on the three-dot icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. 
  3. A popup menu appears, select People
  4. Tap on Show all contacts
  5. Tap on the contact you want to remove. 
  6. Tap on the three-dot icon (more option). 
  7. Select the Delete option. 
  8. Again tap on Delete to confirm. 
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