How To Delete Citizen Account

By Abby •  Updated: 02/21/22 •  3 min read

Citizen is a program that allows users to track possible crimes and gives them the chance to catch criminals, it can also help avoid being robbed.

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The Citizen application makes use of an interactive map that shows all locations where crimes have been reported or where citizens are concerned about safety in their neighborhood. The service does not collect personal information from its users, but uses reports of crime that have been made by its subscribers for this purpose.

It has some basic rules that determine how information will be shared with other people in the system, including the following:

1) Only official citizen reports can be published on public areas.

2) Information must only appear on a crime’s location.

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Chat with a Tech Support Specialist anytime, anywhere

3) Reports must contain enough details so they can lead to identification of a suspect.

4) Citizens who want more privacy can pay extra money in order to hide any detail they don’t want revealed.

5) Citizens may only see information related to those crimes which were officially reported.

What Does Deleting a Citizen Account Mean?

You may have been thinking of deleting your Citizen account, for whatever reason. This may be due to the fact that you don’t like the way it works, or perhaps because you are unsatisfied with its features. Whatever your reason is, we are here to help you.

How to Delete a Citizen Account?

You are the one who controls all the public data that you have on your account, and you can delete comments and videos that you have posted. You are also allowed to delete your account within the app or send an email to requesting to delete your account.

For a step-by-step guide on how to delete a Citizen account, read through these points:


Following the above steps should help you in deleting your profile from the Citizen application. Keep in mind that deleting your Citizen account does not automatically remove the Citizen application from your devices. This, you will need to do manually. However, the process is no different to uninstalling any other regular application in your mobile device.

You can have the Citizen application to stop collecting information and uninstall it if you so wish. You can simply refer to the standard uninstall processes that are set on your mobile device or available through your chosen mobile application marketplace or network.

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