How To Delete Bitmoji

By Abby •  Updated: 02/10/22 •  3 min read

Bitmoji is a virtual avatars app that you can use to create and customize your own avatar in a snap. It’s a fun way to express yourself on social media, but it also has many uses outside of the social media world.

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Bitmoji allows you to customize your own avatar, so you can be whatever you want them to be; it even gives you access to thousands of avatars from around the world!

You are able to do this by creating different costumes, stickers and backgrounds for your avatar that will make it look exactly like who you want it to. You have control over everything when using Bitmoji; all you need is a smartphone or tablet device with iOS or Android operating system installed.

However, you may be thinking of deleting your Bitmoji after previously using it. A reason why you might want to do so is if you no longer want to use it. For example, if you’ve received a new phone and would like to delete your Bitmoji on that device.

You may also be thinking of deleting your Bitmoji if you don’t have enough space on your phone or tablet for all the files associated with it. To learn how to do so, continue reading this article.

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What Does Deleting Your Bitmoji Mean?

When you delete your Bitmoji from your smartphone or tablet, it will remove everything associated with the app; there won’t be any trace of what was once there left behind

There is no way to restore anything once deleted except by reinstalling the app itself again and creating a new account with which you can start over.

How to Delete Bitmoji?

If you just want to unlink the Bitmoji extension from your Snapchat, you can do so by following these steps:

However, if you also want to delete your Bitmoji account, then there is another process you should go through. Follow these steps:

Keep in mind that if you unlink your Bitmoji accounts, you will lose your avatar forever, and you will have to recreate it from scratch if you decide to use Bitmoji again. Additionally, deleting your Bitmoji account will automatically unlink it from your Snapchat account.


Bitmoji is a fun way to customize your own avatar. It allows you to be whoever you want, so it’s a great app for anyone who wants to express themselves on social media.


However, if you no longer need or want to use Bitmoji then there is no reason why you shouldn’t delete your account from their site as we have provided here in this article above.

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