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People want to delete WeChat account because of no end-to-end encryption, very few friends or there are other chat apps that meet their needs. If you are one of these people, you can easily deactivate the account permanently.

Previously WeChat had made an exit procedure too tiresome. You had to delete your entire chat history, cancel all third-party service and then write an email to the customer care of WeChat to close your account stating the reason for leaving WeChat account and if they consider your reason valid then only they used to delete your account.

Now the deletion procedure is comparatively easy. But here are few things that you need to consider before deleting WeChat account permanently.

Before you delete the account

  • You should delete the account from a frequently used device.
  • Password or any other privacy-related settings shouldn’t have changed in the past two weeks.
  • Cancel WeChat Pay (if active) and unlink all other apps that have been linked with your WeChat account. The services like games, credits, group buying, discount coupons, gift card, tickets, etc. will be terminated.
  • No more than 9 failed password attempts on the day you attempt to terminate your account.

Keep in mind that once you delete your account you will lose all data and information associated with WeChat permanently. So, create a backup if you need that information in the future.

How to delete WeChat account in 2019?

  1. Open WeChat on the device from which you access the app frequently.
  2. Tap on “Me”. A profile icon towards the bottom right corner of the screen.Wechat profile
  3. Hit on “Settings” icon at the bottom of the page.wechat settings
  4. Select the option “Account Security” in the Settings page.wechat account security
  5. Swipe down and then tap on “WeChat Security Center”.wechat security center
  6. Tap on Account Cancellation.Wechat account cancellation
  7. WeChat will show what you will lose if you cancel WeChat account. Read them all carefully and tap “Request Cancellation”.Wechat request cancellation

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