How to delete browsing history?

Delete browsing history to prevent websites from tracking you and block them from serving targeted advertisements. It also helps to make your web-browser faster.

Web Browser stores about the sites you visit using cache and cookies and maintain a profile about your interest. We recommend you clear these data in regular interval.

What is browsing history?

Every web browser stores the information about the websites (usually the name and URL) you browse. The primary objective of saving this is to make you able to keep track of the sites you have visited so that you can return to the website anytime.

The period for which the history is kept depends upon which web browser you are using, for example, Google Chrome stores the history of all the sites you have visited for the last 90 days. Browser history is accessible by all the people with whom you share your device. To avoid other to know about the websites you visit you need to clear browser history of the web browser from time to time.

How to delete browsing history from Firefox?

  • Open Mozilla Firefox on your device.
  • Click on the menu option. Menu icon is three horizontal line (≡) arranged in a column at the rightmost corner of the page, just below the close (cross) icon.
    Firefox menu
  • A drop-down menu will appear; find and click on “Options”.
    Firefox options
  • In the left pane of the page, click on Privacy & Security.
    Firefox privacy and security settings
  • Under the “History” heading click on Clear history.
    Firefox clear history option
  • A sub-window will pop up. Select the time range from when you want to clear your browsing data. If you want to delete entire browsing data click on “Everything” at the last of the Drop-down option that appears as you click on the field to enter the time range to clear.
    Firefox choose time range to delete history
  • You will see the list of all the things that you will be able to clear. Check the boxes which you want to erase and uncheck the boxes which you want to keep safe. For example, if you don’t want to delete login credentials of your active login then uncheck “Active Logins”.
    Firefox choose which data to delete
  • As you are done selecting the data you want to delete and the time range to clear click on “Clear Now”.
    Firefox clear browsing history

All the cache, cookies and Browsing history will be deleted from the Firefox browser on your device.

Don’t want Firefox to remember your browsing data?

Instead of deleting browsing history regularly, you can set Firefox not to remember your browsing data.

  • Open Mozilla Firefox
  • Click on menu icon and then click on “Option” in the dropdown list that appears.
  • Click on the Privacy & Security tab in the left panel of the page.
  • Under the History heading, you will see Firefox will “Remember history”. Click on the downward facing arrow after “Remember history” and then click on “Never Remember History” from the drop-down list.
    Firefox settings to never remember browsing history
  • A sub-window will appear instructing you to restart Firefox, click on “Restart Firefox Now” and the Firefox will not remember your browsing data now onwards.
    Restart firefox to update settings

Private window in Firefox

You can also use Private Window in Firefox if you don’t want Firefox to keep track of your activities on the internet temporarily. To enable Private mode,

  • Open Firefox Browser
  • Click on Menu icon
  • Select New Private Window.
    Firefox Incognito mode

The shortcut key to open New Private Window is Ctrl+Shift+P.

Delete browsing history from Chrome

  • Open Chrome Browser either from your PC or smartphone.
  • Click  on the menu (3 dots arranged horizontally) of the top right corner.After that click on the History option from menu. You can also reach history page using short-cut key Ctrl+H.
    Chrome history settings
  • In history page you will see the list of all the sites that you have browsed through Chrome. Select the pages individually by checking the small square box in front of the link. To select entire history press (Ctrl+A).
    Chrome history choose to delete
  • Once you finish selecting the history that you want to clear click on “Delete” option that lies towards the top right corner of the page.
    Chrome history delete
  • A sub window will pop up to confirm that you want to delete the selected items from history of your browser. Click on “Remove” to confirm.
    Chrome history delete confirmation
  • This will delete your browsing history from Chrome permanently.

Alternative way to clear browsing data from Chrome

  • Once you reach the history page of Chrome (Ctrl+H), click on “Clear Browsing data” option in the left panel.
    Chrome clear browsing history option
  • A sub window will appear displaying you the type of browsing data that you can delete.
  • Select the “Browsing history”. If you want to clear cookies and caches, select them as well.
  • Now select the time period from when you want to delete Browsing history. If you want to delete entire history, select “All Time” from the Time range box.
  • Click on “Clear Data” and all the browsing history from your Chrome browser will be deleted.
    Chrome browsing data delete

Incognito mode in Chrome

Browsing web from Incognito mode won’t save any browsing data in Chrome. If you are browsing any site that you don’t want your browser to remember, then you can browse such sites in incognito mode. To enable incognito mode:

  • Open Chrome Browser
  • Click on menu option (3 dots arranged vertically).
    Chrome settings
  • From the drop-down menu that appears click on “New Incognito window”.
    Chrome open new incognito mode

The shortcut key to open Incognito window in Chrome is Ctrl+Shift+N.

Clear browsing history in Microsoft Edge

  • Open Microsoft Edge from the device where you want to clear Browsing Data.
  • Click on menu icon towards the top right corner of the page. Menu icon is the three dots (…) arranged in a row.
    Microsoft Edge menu
  • Now click on the Settings option at the last of the drop-down list that appears.
    Microsoft edge settings
  • Scroll down to find Clear Browsing data and then click on “Choose what to clear”.
    Microsoft edge choose what to clear
  • Select the data that you want to erase. Since we are discussing the procedure to delete cookies, caches and browser history, check the boxes before “Browsing history”, “Cookies and Saved Website Data” and “Cached data and files”.
    Choose which data to be deleted
  • After you are done selecting the things you want to delete and then click on “Clear”.
    Microsoft edge clear browsing data

All the browsing data that you have chosen to delete will be erased from Microsoft Edge.

Open new InPrivate Window in Microsoft Edge

Just like any other popular web browser Microsoft Edge also has an InPrivate mode. Browsing history will not be recorded by Edge when you are browsing in this mode. To enable this mode

  • Click on the menu (…)
  • Select “New InPrivate Window”.
    Microsoft Incognito mode

Delete browsing history in Opera browser

  • Open Opera Browser.
  • Click on Menu icon that lies towards the top left corner of the page. Menu icon is the icon of Opera in red color.
    Opera menu
  • As you click on the Menu, a drop-down list will appear. In the drop-down list click on “Settings” option. This will take you to the settings page. “Alt+P” is the keyboard shortcut to reach to the settings page.
    Opera settings
  • Now, click on “Privacy & Security” option that in the left panel of the page.
    Opera Privacy and Security settings
  • Under privacy option click on “Clear Browsing data”.
    Opera Clear browsing option
  • A sub-window will pop up. In the sub-window mark all the thing that you want to delete and uncheck them that you want to keep safe. Besides this select the time from when you want to clear data that you have just selected.
    “Ctrl+Shift+Del” is the keyboard shortcut key to reach this sub-window directly.
    Opera choose what to clear
  • After you finish selecting the browsing data you want to delete and the time frame from when you want to remove them, click on “Clear browsing data” and all the browsing data is now cleared from the Opera browser on your device.
    Opera clear browsing confirmation

New Private Window in Opera Browser

If you don’t want Opera Browser to remember the browsing data temporarily, you can use a Private Window. To open private window in Opera,

  • Click on menu icon at the top left corner of the page
  • Choose New Private window from the drop-down list that appears.
    Opera incognito mode

“Ctrl+Shift+N” is the keyboard shortcut key to go to Private window in Opera directly.

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