How to delete your Pottermore / Wizarding World account?

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What is Wizarding World?

Wizarding World ( previously known as Pottermore ) is the official hub of the series of books and movies, Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts by the author J. K. Rowling. It is your one-stop platform for all things related to these two franchises that delivers you the latest news and official products from the fandom like e-books, audiobooks, movies, memorabilia, and more.

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You can be a member of the Wizarding World and get access to new and interesting news and never before seen work from J. K. Rowling and take part in games and quizzes and discover things you didn’t know before.

The website has content in multiple languages like German, Spanish, French Italian, Japanese and Portuguese and serves people all over the world so no one gets left out. The official app for Wizarding World is available as the Harry Potter Fan Club on both mobile platforms, Android and iOS.

Why you should think about deleting your Wizarding World account?

Let take a look at some of the reasons why deleting your Wizarding World account is a good idea.

Even if you can use Wizarding World with a free account you cannot get all the perks with it. To enjoy all perks you will have to buy a Gold membership which is quite expensive. And on top of that, you can only have the option to purchase a yearly membership with a single one-time payment.

What happens when you delete your Wizarding World account?

When you delete your Wizarding World account you lose all your data in your account permanently and will not be able to access it again.

Please be aware that once deleted you will not be able to reinstate your traits such as Hogwarts house, wand, and Patronus, and should you wish to re-register you will need to complete the experiences again.

And once you delete your account you will lose all the privileges that you had with an active Gold subscription and remember that you will not receive any refunds when you delete your account that still has time remaining on the premium subscription.

How to delete your Wizarding World Account?

Before you delete your Wizarding World account, it is recommended that you first delete all your personally identifying information from the site. And make sure you have turned off automatic renewal or unsubscribe before you actually delete your account to prevent yourself from getting automatically charged on the next billing date.

You can delete your account through the official website. Follow the step-by-step guide below to delete your account.

Step 1 : Go to and log into your account using your email address and password

Step 2 : Click on the Settings option

Step 3 : Scroll to the bottom of the page

Step 4 : Under the Support section, you will see several options

Step 5 : Click on the Delete your account option

Step 6 : You will be asked to enter your account’s password for security reasons

Step 7 : Enter your password and click on the Yes, Delete my account button to confirm your deletion.

What happens when you unsubscribe/cancel your Wizarding World Gold subscription?

When you unsubscribe or cancel your Wizarding World Gold membership, you will stop getting billed for the premium membership on the next payment cycle. And be warned that all subscriptions are non-refundable and you will not get back your money after you have canceled your membership.

You will still be billed for the full subscription, but you will still have access to all premium features until the subscription lasts. This action will only prevent you from being charged from the next billing period and onwards if you do not wish to continue paying for your Gold subscription.

You will also not be entitled to any discounts on future subscriptions when you cancel early.

If you do not wish to renew your subscription, you must cancel it at least 24 hours before the renewal date. This is the policy of the stores of Apple and Google and the Wizarding World is unable to change it. The same thing is valid if you have paid for the membership using our debit card, credit card, or another payment service like PayPal.

How to unsubscribe/cancel your Wizarding World Gold membership?

Please remember that canceling a subscription before its renewal date does not entitle you to a refund, but simply prevents the subscription from automatically renewing next time. But you can continue to use your canceled subscription until its expiry date.

Follow the guide below depending on the device you are using to cancel your Wizarding World Gold subscription.

Cancel your Wizarding World Gold subscription on iOS devices (iPhone or iPad)

To cancel your Wizarding World Gold subscription package bought via iTunes on the Harry Potter Fan Club app follow the steps below on your iPhone or iPad:

Step 1 : Go to Settings on your device and choose iTunes and App Store

Step 2 : Then tap your Apple ID and View Apple ID

Step 3 : Now enter your password

Step 4 : Scroll down to Subscriptions and tap on Manage.

Step 5 : Select Harry Potter Fan Club and click on Cancel Subscription

Step 6 : Now confirm that you want to cancel your subscription

Cancel your Harry Potter Fan Club subscription on Android devices

To cancel your Wizarding World Gold subscription package you bought via Google Play on the Harry Potter Fan Club app, follow the steps on your Android device:

Step 1 : Launch the Google Play store on your phone

Step 2 : Open the menu by tapping on your profile icon

Step 3 : Now tap on Payments & subscriptions

Step 4 : Tap on Subscriptions from the list of options

Step 5 : Locate  Harry Potter Fan Club from the list of subscriptions

Step 6 : Select Cancel Subscription and confirm

How to delete your credit card from your Wizarding World account? 

The method of removing your payment method or credit card from your Wizarding World account depends on how you signed up for the premium membership in the first place.

If you paid for your subscription from the mobile app, go to the respective store – either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and cancel your subscription from there. You also have the option to remove your payment method completely from the store.

If you paid for the subscription using your credit card, debit card, or a provider like PayPal using the website you can visit the payment method provider to cancel it manually.

If you are having issues with your card, please contact your bank. the Wizarding World states that it does not handle any payments as all purchases are handled by Google/Apple. Please refer to them for any payment issues.

How to appeal for an account deactivated by Wizarding World? 

If your account got banned by Wizarding World you might have violated some policy in their Terms of Service or community guidelines and might have been engaged in some disruptive or abusive activity on the platform. And if you are guilty of doing so, you might not be able to get access to your account again.

Your profile may have been banned due to a breach of contract as specified in Wizarding World’s Terms and Conditions. And Wizarding World seems to be strict about its rules. Remember that you as a member have agreed to these terms during the registration process.

For this reason, the company reserves the right to ban your account if they find a clear offense such as sharing inappropriate comments or pictures or posting private contact details on the app.

But if you think you didn’t go against their policies and were wrongfully banned from the platform you can contact Customer Service at this link and explain your situation as well as you can. But don’t get your hope up because they may not always be able to reinstate your account for violation of site policies.

How to stop receiving notifications from Wizarding World?

If you want to stop receiving notifications on the Harry Potter Fan Club app on your phone you can choose to disable all notifications from within the app. Follow the steps below to mute all push notifications on your phone.

Step 1 : Open the app and log into your account with your email address and password

Step 2 : Then click on your Profile section

Step 3 : Click on the Settings option

Step 4 : Now click on Turn on/off all app notifications  and confirm to mute all push notifications

Even after you have turned off all push notifications on your phone you might still get some promotional emails and newsletters even after changing your notification preferences. If you want to get rid of that too, you can unsubscribe from all the Wizarding World emails completely.

To do this just go to your associated email’s inbox, find an email from the Wizarding World, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Unsubscribe. This will mute all future email notifications from the Wizarding World from now on.

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