How To Delete Questions on Chegg

By | Last Updated on October 16, 2022

Cheg, Inc. Is a California-based company that offers students access to digital textbooks and other educational resources. is based in Santa Clara, CA. It provides online and print textbooks, and other student-related services. is a marketplace that allows students to rent and buy textbooks and accessories. It also allows them to get help with their academic goals and issues.

How to delete your IMVU Account?
How to delete your IMVU Account?

Some of Chegg’s services have been frequently documented as faulty. These services include homework assistance, in which Chegg specialists answer students’ homework questions. Academic file-sharing can sometimes take the form of students submitting homework question papers in search of answers. Academic file-sharing has been recognized as a sort of academic integrity breach at various colleges.

If you join as a student, you can get a subscription and ask any questions you have. You can ask a variety of questions, such as how to solve homework difficulties or whether to enroll in online tutoring. Please keep in mind that Chegg is not free and requires a subscription.

If it is one of my hobbies to teach, I’d like to become a personal tutor for students. You may be eligible to become a Chegg expert by answering students’ questions and providing the answers. When you start working as if you are a tutor or teacher, you will make money by helping your customers by helping them to answer their questions on Chegg.

If you are utilizing Chegg to obtain answers to your questions, it is clear and critical that you pay close attention to learn more about Chegg. For example, one of the most common questions is, “Can you delete a question on Chegg?” So let us try to answer that question, as well as any others you may have concerning Chegg.

  • Enter your Chegg login information.
  • Select “Questions” from the top navigation bar.
  • By clicking on a question, you can delete it.
  • To remove the question from the system, click the “Delete Question” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Click “Yes, Delete This Question” to make this question disappear.

For teachers, you will be able to delete the answer you posted. If you posted the question yourself, you should be able to delete it. Consider the following scenario: you have submitted an answer to a question posed by a student, and the answers to the answer suggest that the answer is incorrect or that it needs to be revised. In this case, you can remove or delete the answer, as well as change it.

A few more factors may surface if you have posted a question and you are a student. You won’t be able to delete a question that you’ve asked and that has already had a response. In fact, you can examine all the questions and answers that have been posted to it if you have a Chegg account or have chosen a Chegg study pack. Therefore, as long as a user has chosen to subscribe to Chegg or has a Chegg Study pack, the question that has been uploaded to Chegg and the responses that have been given to it are applicable to everyone on Chegg.

Chegg is dedicated to protecting your privacy. That would imply that they respect the principles and legal rights of the creators of creative content. Chegg may opt to remove your question in only one scenario. If Chegg determines that the material placed there is against the site’s terms of usage and honor code.

You can submit a request for the removal of content on Chegg if you or another user find it to be in violation of the site’s privacy statement.

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