How to Delete Facebook Account?

Want to close Facebook account permanently? It’s the easiest way to remove all the information you’ve posted on this social media. Once you delete Facebook account, all your data will be lost after 30 days. So back up your data, if you need them in the future.

Want to close the account for short term only? Follow Deactivate Facebook account.

Delete Facebook Account using Desktop

  • Open from a browser and log in to your account.
    facebook login to delete account
  • Click on the menu (▼) on the upper right corner.
  • Choose the option Settings from the drop-down menu.
    facebook web settings to terminate facebook account
  • Click on Your Facebook information from the left sidebar menu.
    terminate facebook account
  • Select the option Deactivation and Deletion.
    delete facebook account
  • Select Permanently Delete Account and click on Continue to Account Deletion.
    delete facebook account using browser
  • In the next page, Choose Download Info, if you want to download your photos post and other information. And click Delete Account.
    delete facebook account cons
  • Provide your password for the delete confirmation and click Continue.
    password verification to delete facebook account
  • Facebook will ask once again to confirm the termination process, confirm it.
    facebook account delete confirmation

The Facebook account deletion process is complete. Facebook will erase all your data if you don’t log in to your account within the 30 days of account deletion.

Close Facebook account from the mobile app

You can terminate the Facebook account from the mobile app as well.

  • Open the Facebook app from your mobile device.
  • Tap on the Facebook menu (≡).
    facebook mobile account delete
  • Select the option Settings & Privacy from the menu.
  • Choose Settings from the extended menu.
    terminate facebook mobile account
  • Scroll down and tap on  Account ownership and control under the heading Your Facebook information.
  • Tap on Deactivation and deletion.
  • Select the Delete account option and tap on Continue to account deletion.
  • Tap on Delete Account. You can download all your photos, posts and other information by tapping  Download info.
  • Enter your password to confirm the account termination process.

How to cancel Facebook account deletion?

If you change your mind after deleting the FB account, you can recover it within 30 days.

  • Go to or Facebook app login page.
  • Log in with your username/email and password.
  • Once you logged in, click on the Cancel Deletion option.

After that, you will be back on Facebook without losing any of your content.

How to backup Facebook data?

Before deleting your account, you may want to back up your Facebook data first. FB allows you to back up all your information, posts, photos, video, friends, comments, stories, etc.

  • Log in to FB account.
  • Click on the menu (▼) and choose Settings.
    download facebook information
  • Open the option Your Facebook information from the sidebar menu.
    download your facebook information
  • Select Download Your Information.
  • Choose date range, format, and media quality before downloading.
  • By default, all your data is selected, if you don’t want to download any information, deselect it.
  • Click Create File and Facebook start to create a copy of your files to download.
  • Once your data file is ready for download, you will get a notification saying ” Your Facebook information file is ready to download.”
  • In the Download your information page, click Download.
  • Enter your password again to commence the download.

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