How To Delete Dotloop Account

By Abby •  Updated: 05/15/22 •  3 min read

Dotloop is an online workspace that allows you to connect everyone and everything that you need in order to purchase real estate in one place. Dotloop makes it possible for you and your property manager to edit, complete, sign and share documents with one another. You do not even need to print, fax or email them. LIVE.

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Dotloop is fully compliant with the federal e-sign act, which means that our signatures are legally binding in the United States and many other countries. It is necessary that the law be technology neutral and does not favor any one provider, so long as providers meet the required standards.

It is possible to create loops on Android devices, making it easy for people to see and work with them. In this article, we will learn how to download the app and to sign in. After you log in, use the links below to get comfortable with Navigating the Loops page.

Open the Dotloop app and scan the document and upload it to the cloud by selecting scan a document. Dotloop Mobile allows admins and transaction coordinators to submit transactions from their smartphones or tablets, and you can do this from your iOS or Android devices, in order to quickly close more deals.

It is not required to create a DotLoop account, but it is a useful way to keep track of the documents that you have signed in DotLoop.

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How can I download files from the Dotloop App?

On the top right corner of the screen there is a button that says ‘Start Signing’. Next to that button, click on the three vertical dots. In this menu, select the option to download/print. Click on that button. Do this so that we can download a copy of the document to your computer. From there you can view or print the document.

How can I delete my Dotloop account?

You must first get access to the account under the email address that you want to use. Then you must use the email address of a third person to free up the space in the desired email. Finally, you must change the email address of the first account to the address that you want to use.

It is not possible to delete your account in Dotloop, and you certainly cannot just delete it to free up some of your email address. You should change the email address of this account to a different address, to an address that is not used by another dotloop account.

If you want to view your My Account section, click on the profile selector menu at the top of this page. In the dropdown menu, click on the link for My Account.

You must log back into your original account. You are now able to make another change, to change the email address on this account to the email address that you want to use.

Remember that you must go into your inbox and verify that your email address has changed before it applies to your account.

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