How To Delete Cengage Account

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Cengage Learning is a US-based company that many people use. This company has many products, including AP Exam preparation, English practice tests, Sat Test preparation, and so on. There is also a range of books that people can use to learn English, math, and science. One of the most popular products from Cengage Learning are the books that they produce. People read these books to learn how to use English, Math, and Science.

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Occasionally, you might decide that you would like to delete your Cengage Learning account. If you do not need a copy of that software anymore or if you wish to upgrade your operating system. One other reason that you may want to delete your Cengage Learning account is because you want to use a product from another company. In that situation, you can do the following:

If you want to delete an account, contact their customer support at

Please also take note that inactive adult accounts that are older than 18 years are automatically deleted after five years of inactivity.

Then you can also follow the steps below.

24/7 Live Chat
Ask a Technician To Help You Cancel or Delete Live

Chat with a Tech Support Specialist anytime, anywhere

Open your mobile phone and dial one of the following numbers: 1-800-354-9706.

Contact one of their support representatives immediately, and request to be deleted.

Follow the instructions of their support representatives in order to permanently delete your account.

To learn more about how to contact their support representatives to request deletion of your account, please go to the following URL:

You can make changes to your account by going to your Cengage account and following these steps below.

You may set up a secondary email address to help you with accessing your account if you forget your password and do not have access to the primary email address associated with your username.

You can make a change between your primary and alternate email by clicking on the Use alternate email as primary email button.  Your alternate email should now become your username and login for your cengage account.  You must not use this feature if there is already an account associated with the alternate email.

If you need help changing your username and password for your school’s learning management system (blackboard, moodle, canvas, brightspace/d2l, etc.), you must contact your instructor or your school’s IT department.

For more information, please visit the Manage Your Account section of the Sam Student Help website. There you will find out how to:

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