How to Delete your Ticketmaster Account

By | Last Updated on January 9, 2021

Delete Ticketmaster account

Ticketmaster is an excellent service for buying or selling tickets for sports or entertainment events. However, if you are fed up with Ticketmaster and want to try alternatives like SeatGeekStubHub, or others, you might want to delete your Ticketmaster account at first. Here’s how to close your Ticketmaster account.  

How to delete my Ticketmaster account

  1. Visit the Ticketmaster Privacy Page. 
  2. Fill up the request submission form:
    1. Select Yes in the Do you have an account with Ticketmaster?. 
    2. Choose Delete My Information in “Select request type(s)”. 
    3. Type in your first and last name. 
    4. Enter your email address associated with your account.
      Fill up the Request submission form
  3. Click on the Submit button. You will receive a confirmation email from Ticketmaster. 
  4. Open the confirmation email and click on Confirm Email.
    Confirm Email
  5. Now, Ticketmaster will review your request and update you shortly through email. You have to follow the instructions to confirm your account deletion.

Here is a video to delete your Ticketmaster account.


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