How to delete your UK Parship dating account?

By | Last Updated on July 19, 2021

What is Parship?

Parship is one of Germany’s and Europe’s first and largest online dating services. The company is based in Hamburg Germany. Parship is available in 14 countries worldwide. And you can choose to use the platform in 8 different languages so that no one gets left out.

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Parship states that their principle is a scientifically based method that follows the maxim: “As many similarities as possible, as many differences as necessary ”. Parship’s scientifically-based compatibility matching compares 30 essential personality characteristics and recommends potential partners who balance and complement you. The company claims to help you make yourself substantially more likely to find a partner who is right for you.

Parship has a free personality test that provides fascinating insights into your personality. It matches you with potential partners whose profiles have a matching compatibility level, increasing your chances of establishing a long-term relationship. The company claims that more than 890,000 singles have already found a partner through their dating app. Currently, the company claims to have more than 11 million users in its network.

Parship’s dating platform has mobile apps for both Android and iOS and is also available on the web both on desktop and mobile. This will help you find potential matches even if you’re on the go.

And the company offers free as well as premium memberships to its users. With the Parship premium membership plan, you get more features and perks that will help you get a better experience in the dating scene.

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Why deleting your Parship dating account is a good idea?

Even though Parship is a very popular dating site, it does seem to have its negative sides. Let us take a look at some of these unwanted aspects of the site that might make you rethink your choices about Parship. You might even want to delete your account and leave the platform for good after you have read some of these facts.

Even though Parship offers a free membership, you will not be able to message other users or matches. It is unacceptable for an online dating platform that advertises itself as free but has no messaging options. You are forced to pay for the premium membership if you want to have a conversation with your matches.

When you join Parship, the registration process has been known to be quite a time-consuming ordeal. You will have to fill out a lengthy registration form and fill in a lengthy questionnaire. There are quite a lot of questions asking you about various kinds of personal details to build your profile and get an idea about your personality. And the process is quite time-consuming compared to other dating sites. The company claims it is to deter fake accounts and create a detailed profile that will help you get better potential matches.

A so-called feature allows users to hide their profile pictures from other potential matches. Unless the user manually allows you to see their profile picture, you will not know how the person looks before you start a conversation even though you have a compatible profile. This might waste your time if you feel like looks matter to you in a relationship.

According to reviews by previous users, they have had issues canceling the service. They have complained that they were billed continuously even after they didn’t want to pay for the service. They claimed that the cancellation process was confusing and was designed to prevent users from canceling their premium membership.

Some users have also complained about Parsnip’s customer support. Users have claimed that the customer support didn’t do much to help solve their issues or were too late. Some of them also mentioned that the support staff didn’t help them cancel their subscription.

A handful of users have also stated that the platform gives you false hopes before you pay for the subscription. You get a lot of activity on your profile from potential users when you are on the free account and when you pay for the premium membership all these potential matches seem to disappear. Even if you get matches they don’t seem to reply to your messages and engage in a two-way conversation.

Looking at the reviews from previous users, many of them have stated having a bad experience on the platform. Users feel like they have been cheated out of their money and time spent on the site. If you are to believe the reviews from previous users, then you should probably think about getting rid of your Parship account and leave the platform for good. You can find another platform that suits your needs.

What happens when you delete your Parship dating account?

When you delete your Parship dating account, all your account information will be deleted forever. And your online dating profile will be permanently removed from the platform along with all your personal information.

Keep in mind that the removal of your profile cannot be reversed. Should you delete your profile, you will no longer be able to access your Parship profile. Viewing your recommended partners or reading their messages in your inbox will also not be possible anymore.

All your previous and current matches and messages, profile photos, and all previous activity on the site will also be deleted. You will be hidden from other potential matches and will not be able to receive messages from them either.  All notifications from Parship will also be muted when you delete your account.

If you are a subscriber and have time left on your subscription, it will be deleted with your records and cannot be refunded or applied to other (future) profiles either. Remember that Parship does not have a policy of refunding premium subscriptions after deleting your account.

It is also recommended that you first unsubscribe from your current subscription plan before deleting your account.  By deleting your account, you will lose all premium features and perks that come with it.

You will not be able to get restore your account in any possible way. If you want to use Parship again, you will have to create a new account and start over.

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What happens when you unsubscribe or cancel your Parship dating subscription?

After your Premium Membership term has ended, your profile will remain visible. Therefore, you will still be able to make limited use of our services. You will be able to receive further recommended partners and messages. However, you will no longer have unlimited access to your previous messages.

When you unsubscribe or cancel your premium subscription from Parship, you will stop getting billed for the premium membership on the next payment cycle. And be warned that all subscriptions are non-refundable and you will not get back your money after you have canceled your membership.

You will also not be entitled to any discounts in the future when you cancel early. This action will only prevent you from being charged from the next month and onwards if you do not wish to continue paying for your premium subscription.

If you do not wish to renew your subscription, you must cancel it at least 24 hours before the renewal date. This is the policy of the stores of Apple and Google and Parship is unable to change it. The same thing is valid if you paid for the membership using your debit card, credit card, or another payment service like PayPal through their website.

How to unsubscribe/cancel your Parship dating membership?

Please remember that canceling a subscription before its renewal date does not entitle you to a refund, but simply prevents the subscription from automatically renewing every month. But you can continue to use your canceled subscription until its expiry date.

Follow the guide below depending on the device you are using to cancel or unsubscribe from your Parship subscription.

Cancel your Parship subscription on iOS devices (iPhone or iPad)

To cancel your Parship subscription package bought via iTunes follow the steps below on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Step 1: Go to Settings on your device and choose iTunes and App Store
  • Step 2: Then tap your Apple ID and View Apple ID
  • Step 3: Now enter your password
  • Step 4: Scroll down to Subscriptions and tap on Manage.
  • Step 5: Select Parship and click on Cancel Subscription
  • Step 6: Now confirm that you want to cancel your Parship premium subscription

Cancel your Parship subscription on Android devices

To cancel your Parship subscription you bought via Google Play, follow the steps on your Android device:

  • Step 1: Launch the Google Play store on your phone
  • Step 2: Open the menu by tapping on your profile icon
  • Step 3: Now tap on Payments & subscriptions
  • Step 4: Tap on Subscriptions from the list of options
  • Step 5: Locate Parship from the list of subscriptions
  • Step 6: Select Cancel Subscription and confirm

Alternatively, you can cancel your membership by contacting customer support at and request them to cancel the subscription. And don’t forget to mention your account details like the email you signed up within the email.

How to delete your Parship dating account?

Before you delete your Parship dating account, it is recommended that you first delete all your personally identifying information from the site. And make sure you have turned off automatic renewal or unsubscribe before you actually delete your account to prevent yourself from getting automatically charged every month.

Delete your Parship account using the official website fr Basic user

Follow the instructions below to delete your Parship dating account:

  • Step 1: Log into your account with your email address and password
  • Step 2: Click on the My Profile option
  • Step 3: Then click on Data and Settings from the list
  • Step 4: Now within the Manage Profile tab, find the Profile Status option
  • Step 5: Then click on the red link that says Delete your profile permanently, Click Here
  • Step 6: Now enter your account’s password to confirm deleting your account

Delete your Parship account via email for the premium member

Alternatively, you can also delete your Parship account by contacting the customer support team via email and requesting them to delete your account. Follow the steps below to send an account deletion request:

  • Step 1:  Open your email client associated with your Parship account
  • Step 2: Compose an email to Parship customer support at
  • Step 3: Enter “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” as the subject of the email
  • Step 4: Now in the body of the email, request the support team to delete your account permanently and remove all your personal information from the platform. Be sure to include your identifying information like email address and phone number.
  • Step 5: Click on send after you are done writing your email

The Customer Support team may take some time to get back to you depending on their user traffic. A confirmation email will be sent to you once they have gone ahead with the deletion process.

How to disable/hide your Parship dating account?

If you wish to suspend your search for the right partner on Parship temporarily, you can choose to hide your profile. When your profile is hidden, you won’t be visible to anyone on the Search functionality and your account will remain dormant. But you will still keep your profile, connections, and message history when you choose to come back.

You might want to do this if you’re going on a vacation or simply if you want to take a break from the app for a while. You also won’t be annoyed with any notifications or emails either. If you’re a premium user, automatic renewal will continue while your profile is hidden unless you turn it off manually.

Follow the steps below on a web browser to Hide your Parship account and hide yourself from other users temporarily:

  • Step 1: Log into your account with your email address and password
  • Step 2: Click on the My Profile option
  • Step 3: Then click on Data and Settings from the list
  • Step 4: Now within the Manage Profile tab, find the Profile Status option
  • Step 5: Then click on Hide Account

Note: You can choose to unhide your account at any time in the future.

How to delete your credit card from your Parship dating account?

The method of removing your payment method or credit card from your Parship account depends on how you signed up for the premium membership in the first place.

If you paid for your subscription from the mobile app, go to the respective store – either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and cancel your subscription from there. You also have the option to remove your payment method completely from the store.

If you paid for the subscription through the website using your credit card, debit card, or a provider like Paypal you can visit the payment method provider to cancel it manually. You can also try contacting your payment method’s customer support for further help regarding this matter.

How to appeal for an account locked by Parship?

If you received an error stating that your account has been locked then there are a few things that might have caused you to see this. If an outstanding payment for a Premium Membership has not yet been settled, you will not be able to access your account. In this case, Parship will send Payment Reminder Notifications to your e-mail address. The error will go away if you make payment for the outstanding amount.

Your profile may have been locked due to breach of contract as specified in Parship’s Terms and Conditions. Remember that you as a member have agreed to these terms during the registration process. For this reason, Parship reserves the right to lock an account if they find a clear offense such as uploading inappropriate pictures or posting private contact details within your account.

It is also possible that you are not able to access your account due to a temporary technical error. Please include technical details like the time during which the error occurred, the browser you used, and the version you are currently using when you submit a report.

If you think you didn’t go against their policies and were wrongfully banned from the platform you can contact Customer Service and explain your situation as well as you can. But don’t get your hope up because they may not always be able to reinstate your account for violation of contract agreements.

How to stop receiving notifications from Parship?

If you want to mute all notifications from Parship, you can choose to Hide your account. That way you will get to keep all your account data as long as you need to be inactive and mute all notifications during that time. When your account is hidden you will not be annoyed with any notifications as your account remains dormant.

If you want to use your account but only want to mute notifications, follow the instructions below on a web browser of your choice:

  • Step 1: Log into your account with your email address and password
  • Step 2: Click on the My Profile option
  • Step 3: Then click on Data and Settings from the list
  • Step 4: Change your email and newsletter settings by toggling off the type of notifications you don’t want to see

You might still get some promotional emails even after hiding your profile. If you want to get rid of that too, you can unsubscribe from Parship emails completely. To do this just go to your email’s inbox, find an email from Parship, scroll to the bottom and click on Unsubscribe. This will mute all future email notifications from Parship from now on.

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