How to delete Silver Singles account?

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What is Silver Singles?

Silver Singles is an online dating platform that is intended for people over the age of 50. It is a popular dating platform for senior folks. It is different from other dating sites in the sense that all the users here are exclusively 50 years or older. It aims to make dating for older folks easier and all in one place rather than going to some generic dating platform that includes all age groups. It pledges to find the perfect match for all those folks interested in creating lasting and genuine relationships This is the defining thing that makes this platform different from its competitors.

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The platform is available on both mobile platforms i.e. Android and iOS, and even on the web( both desktop and mobile). It matches its users based on their desired preferences and also through a personality test that asks the users a list of questions. This information is then used to create matches that are similar to your personality. Silver Singles also claims to use advanced profile verification techniques to ensure everyone is who they say they are on the platform.

Silver Singles provides both free and premium subscription services. But you only get the barebones minimum features in the free tier while you get all the premium features in the paid subscription model. A premium subscription is recommended to get better matches and have a good experience on the platform.

how to delete silversingles

Why you should think about deleting Silver Singles?

Just like any other dating site, there are cons to Silver Singles. Let us take a look at some of these sketchy facts that might make you want to delete your account and part ways with the platform for good.

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Many users have complained that the free tier, i.e., basic membership, is basically useless and cannot do much with it. It is just a big waste of time and effort. It doesn’t even include profile photos of your matches. And it doesn’t include the phone number for the customer support in case you have issues. And you only get limited communication with your matches. This is the company actively forcing you to pay for the premium subscription.

And even after users paid for the premium membership plan they were still having issues with getting compatible matches. Users were getting matches that were irrelevant and didn’t have much in common. And on top of that, the matches they did get were very far away from them despite stating they wanted matches in the close vicinity. And users got matches above their age ranges too. Users complained about getting scammed out of their money for a service that doesn’t seem to provide what it claims.

Many users also claimed that the personality questionnaire aimed to match users using personality traits was pretty generic and didn’t seem to add to an improved experience. So it just turned to be a generic dating platform using simple metrics. The matching algorithm was also allegedly found to be terrible and the price also seemed quite steep for the quality of service it was providing.

And like any other dating site, there is a guarantee of fake profiles or accounts that will try to fool you into thinking they are genuine. Some may even go as far as to scam you out of your money. So you need to be prepared to deal with bots and scammers if you were hoping to have a good time on the site.

If these facts made you change your mind about the perception of the platform, you can choose to permanently delete your account and part ways with the platform for good. You can definitely find a platform that suits your needs if you want to join another online dating service.

What happens when you delete your Silver Singles account?

When you delete your Silver Singles profile, your account will be permanently deleted along with all your previous matches, and messages. Once your account has been deleted, it cannot be restored anymore.

Premium members are urged to cancel the automatic renewal of their subscription prior to deletion to prevent unwanted billing every month. Some sites are prone to this kind of unwanted billing and it’s always a good idea to cancel auto-renewal before you leave the platform for good.

What happens when you unsubscribe/cancel your Silver Singles subscription?

When you unsubscribe or cancel your premium subscription, you will stop getting billed for the services on the next payment cycle. And be warned that all subscriptions are non-refundable and you will not get back your money after you have canceled. You will still be billed for the full subscription, but you will still have access to all premium features till the end of the subscription. This action will only prevent you from being charged from the next month and onwards if you wish to cancel the subscription.

How to delete the Silver Singles account?

If you want to delete your Silver Singles account, follow the step-by-step instructions below on a web browser of your choice either on desktop or mobile:

Alternatively, you can delete your account by sending a deletion request to the customer support team via email at

How to temporarily disable/hide your account?

If you don’t want to delete your account but want to take a break from it for some time, you can choose to hide your account by deactivating matching. You might want to do this if you’re going on a vacation or simply don’t want to use the website for a while. Once you do this, your account is hidden from other users on the platform, and won’t be annoyed with notifications and emails.

To hide your account, follow the step by step instructions below on a web browser of your choice either on desktop or mobile:

Although your profile is hidden it will still be visible to the existing matches you had before deactivating matching, so you may still receive profile visits and messages. It means that you cannot hide your profile completely but you can prevent yourself from being recommended to other members.

You can choose to reactivate matching at any time you like. And be warned that deactivating matching while you still on the Premium Membership will not suspend nor cancel the subscription. You have to manually cancel your subscription if that is what you want.

How to remove your credit card from Silver Singles account?

Deleting or removing your credit card or payment method from your account will also prevent the automatic billing of your active premium membership. If you want to remove your credit card completely from your account, follow the steps below on a web browser of your choice:

How to appeal for reactivation of deleted account?

Silver Singles claims that they only store your personal data only for the duration of your membership.  And as soon as your membership ends, and you delete your account,  all your profile entries, photos, and personal details are also deleted permanently. Your profile is no longer available to your matches either.

The company states that is technically not possible to reinstate or reactivate your deleted profile once it has been deleted. So be careful about deleting your account.

How to stop receiving notifications from Silver Singles?

If you want to stop receiving notifications about new matches and messages from  Silver Singles,  you will have to deactivate matching from your profile. After you disable matching, you will be hidden from other users on the platform and all notifications will also be muted.

If you also want to get rid of email notifications, go to your inbox, find an email from Silver Singles, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Unsubscribe. Then you will be unsubscribed from all future email notifications and promotions from the platform.

Our Final Verdict

I hope this article helped you hide or delete your Adult Friend Finder account. If you are still having issues then visit the Help Center and search for the problem or contact the Customer Support Team by visiting for further assistance. They will help guide you through your issues and clear any confusions you might have.

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